Monday, April 28, 2008

Kids and technology

Kids just continue to surprise me.

Being a 1980's baby, at the age of 10, I remember myself watching cartoons such as Carebears, My Little Pony and Jem. The computer was something new to us, when it was about using floppy discs and there was no such thing as Windows.

Primary school kids now are capable of chatting, emailing and blogging.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

Cukai Pendapatan

Fiuuuhhh.....I finally did my taxes. For the very first time in life. I feel like a grown women now!
I won't disclose the amount that I've to pay, but lets just say it's much lower that what I had expected..Hope I entered the numbers correctly!
From now on, I need to start collecting receipts for purchase of books and donation of money..Things that I have taken for granted previously..

Kursus V.I.P

Nope, it is not a course for very important people..but..

V.I.P= Violence and Injury Prevention.

A course that I had expected to be very dry and boring turned out to be quite educational. I didn't sleep in any of the lectures! That is an achievement for me.

Some of the things that I learnt..

1. TELEDERA: 1800883040, TALIAN NUR: 15999

2. Jantina is not the same as gender- jantina is determined biologically, gender is by one's role and social responsibilities.

3. There is a law for people who putus tunang without sebab munasabah, and also something called saman malu.

4. A whole lot of other things which are applicable to welfare officers and social workers..

After a whole day long of lectures yesterday, I drove to Malacca town to meet up with my good old friend of mine, Shobs. She took the trouble to drive all the way from Muar after work just to meet up with me. Thanks Shobs! Muahhhs! love ya!

With the bride-to-be...(And that would be the one on the right ok!)

The funny thing was that I was asked to give out the thank you gifts to the speakers after they ended their presentation. Apparently the medical officer who was chief organiser for the event had to leave early for some important reason. Of all the other doctors who attended the course, I was lucky who was chosen. Weird.

Felt as though I was a part of the organizing team here...Heh,prasan.

Anyway, I'm glad that agreed to attend this course, even though I had drive all the way down to Ayer Keroh and need to be on-call the very next day, ie tomorrow. This is one of the good things about working in a district hospital. We get 'paid trips' all the time!

Monday, April 21, 2008

R.A.P- Read, Action, Play

I have not attended an event which involves primary school students in a long time..

My youngest sister participated in this competition, organised by DIGI which requires them to act out a story chosen from the book- Asian Folk Tales given by the organiser to the participating schools. SK Raja Muda was selected to take part in the finals, which was held at Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka last Saturday.

Khadijah- The Evil Crocodile

It was fun watching the school kids cheering, holding banners up and their school teachers being ever so supportive. Really missed my good ol school days..

I was amazed by the talent that the participants had. Kids nowadays are just so different. They were all so confident, spoke really well, danced gracefully and showed much enthusiasm. I could appreciate the huge amount of effort which was put in every play that was shown.

The best moment was when the MC announced.....

'I think there is a mistake. In order to win this award, the actor/actress has to be a human being..but the winner is an animal..'

At that time we just couldn't believe it. My sister had won the best actor/actress award.

The yellow man is so cute...

The sad bit was that their school lost in the overall category. Tears were shed among the SK Raja Muda participants...

Tears of both joy and sadness..

Kuyea: 'Percayalah pada diri..dengan harapan dan, keyakinaaaaann....' heh.

Nevertheless, I'm sure the fun and experience that they have gained were far more than what they had expected. The memories that they had will last for a lifetime.

Me with the future Hollywood Superstar.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another day..

I have been a lazy bum lately. Not like I was ever so hardworking anyway..just that I have been wasting my time in my apartment for the past 2 days..Watching TV, surfing the net and watch tv unproductive.

I don't think I have shown the panaromic view of Banting from my balcony in this blog..

The yellow houses are the old hospital quarters.

I would never walk through the playground again...after I saw a grey snake, which slithered towards the house nearby..Ewww..

One of the surviving plants...Mum gave me this one coz it doesn't require so much water to survive. Perfect for me.

And.....I have finally uploaded my latest pics to my Facebook page last night..It's about time..I've received numerous sarcastic remarks from people for not updating my Facebook profile. Well folks, I finally did it.

How will I spend my day after work today? We'll just have to wait and see. I've the feeling it'll be another wasteful day again..

Friday, April 11, 2008

2 dozen of roses and another 4

Not all girls appreciate fresh flowers.

When guys have the assumption that flowers can make every girl melt and fall in love with them, it could backfire when it comes to certain girls.

As for me, I go with the majority of girls-Fresh flowers are a sign of love.

For the first time ever, I received so much of flowers that I didn't know how to handle them. I didn't have enough vases and was too tired to prune all the stems.

I initally took the orange and pink roses and trimmed the ends and thorns away and put them in the individual vases. By the time I finished doing the 2 dozen of roses, and was already very tired and sleepy-it was 12 midnight and I had to go to work the next day.

Two down, four more to go....

Suddenly I had a great idea. I remember watching movies (You Got Mail?) whereby when the ladies upon receiving flowers wrapped in newspaper, they'll just take the bouquet and put them directly into a vase. So now, why bother pruning them?

Hence, I looked for a rather large vase and stuffed the other 4 dozen of roses into it. I had to fill the gaps in between with newspaper to keep the stems standing straight. The end result was perfect.

I brought the bouquet to my apartment the next day and it looked lovely by my bedside.

Thank you dearest for the lovely flowers..Even though I was initially distressed, it brought a smile to my face everytime I laid my eyes on them.

After 2 minutes of flower arranging

By the bedside


One of the family activities that we used to do many years back was watching theaters at Actor's Studio. The very first time that I saw one was when Actor's Studio was still at Dataran Merdeka-a small, low budget theater, where the audience had to sit on planks of wood, before they relocated to Bangsar Shopping Complex. The days when Jo Kukatas and Edwin Sumon were still around.

I could still remember the title of the first show that I watched. It was Box of Chocolates-which was a combination of many short stories. They even gave each one of us a door gift-which was a small packet of Cadbury chocolates.
One of the few shows that we often see at Actor's Studio is Actorlympics, which is held every year. If you are a fan of "Whose Line Is It Anyway", you will definitely enjoy this one.

Last weekend, my dad spontaneously asked us whether we wanted to see Actorlympics and we immediately agreed.
I haven't laughed so hard in ages. The line up for last week's show was excellent. They had Afdlin Shauki, Harith Iskandar, Rashid Salleh (Yumm..), among many others. Those guys just crack me up. It's amazing how they could be so creative and make good jokes on the spot. Despite sitting on a folded chair, my seat squashed against a pillar and sat separately from the rest of the family (We got the tickets last minute), I got a boost of endorphins which lasted for a week.

Patrick Teoh standing in front as the MC. Behind him: Ida Nerina, Rashid and Gavin Yap. Douglas Lim is the one in orange, Joanna on his left, and the other two jokers-Reza and Afdlin. Harith is the one over the far right.

Of course they are now showing Actorlympics on ntv7-which is not even half as good as the one shown at Actor's Studio. Probably because it's in Malay and.........censored. Anyways, you could catch the TV show on YouTube.

Kursus Laktasi

How long do you think one will take to learn about breastfeeding?

An hour? Two hours? Well, for health professionals who deal with lactating mothers, the requirement is to attend an 18 hour breastfeeding course . However, our group was unfortunate enough to have 24 hours of breastfeeding lectures..Over a span of FOUR days...yup. FOUR days..

The reason why I'm attending this course...Not beause I'm lactating, but just because I'm in charge of the paediatrics ward and I'm in contact with mothers post-delivery...Need to assist them whenever necessary...Heh, a girl like me supervising a mother to breastfeed, never crossed my mind when I started medical school.

I suffered throughout the lectures..The topics were so dry! Of course some were good and educational..There was one particular session which was very...interesting.

Each one of us were given a skin-coloured pantyhose, magic markers and foam. Guess what we had to make..Heh, you guessed it right. This is my product.

Fake Boob: Front View

Behind: The anatomy of the breast

And the product of others.....

A table full of boobs. Something that never crossed your mind.

Not bad huh?

That was probably the best part of the whole course. The worst being the exam that we had to sit for at the end of it. In order to get the certificate, we need to score at least 60% for the test. Thank God everybody made it.

Am glad that the course is finally over---on top of that I've a got a souvenir to bring home. :)

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A very sad day has just passed...

A very sad day has just passed...
Being a medical professional, death is not something foreign to us. We see gravely ill patients day in and day out, try our best to resuscitate them whenever necessary, inform the family members at the right time and later pronounce them dead, while keeping a straight face and maintain our professionalism. The family members will cry their eyes out upon hearing the news, whilst we, need to remain calm.
However, despite being a medical doctor, dealing with death of a our own close family member is a whole different ball game.
Funny..I received the news about the death of my great grandmother three years back, and today, my grandmother's death..Both in which I was at Selayang Hospital attending a course..
Funny..when I missed both my paternal and maternal grandmother's funeral..
Funny..I have not shed a tear since the I was told that my grandmother passed away at 1410 yesterday..
Al-Fatihah to dearest Opah..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

From surfing, to calling, to picking-up

Remember the movie, 'The Net', starring Sandra Bullock? In the movie, she is a computer software analyst, and her life revolves around her work. She spends most of her time in front of the computer, including when it comes to having meals. I remember a scene where she ordered pizza online and I was so fascinated by it at that time. It was 1995.

Finally this year, Pizza Hut is offering online ordering service, which has been long overdue.

I was excited to use the function last night, especially after watching 'No Reservations'-Abigail Breslin and Aaron Eckhart making pizza together and enjoying the food after that with Catherine Zeta Jones. mouth was watering and my stomach was growling...

I checked my account at and it was there, registered under my old address, which was Klang Hospital. I wanted to change the address since I no longer work there but somehow I couldn't. Hence I decided to call them straight and order pizza via the phone.

Sadly...they told me that they don't offer pizza delivery service in Banting...AArrgghh...what a frustration.

To satisfy my tastebuds, I drove all the way to town to get myself a regular sized Hawaaian Chicken Pizza from Pizza Hut. Got their branch phone number, so that it'll be easier for me to order next time, and to just collect the pizza when it's ready.

So that's my story..

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Today my apartment is going to be more complete.
A lorry will be sending over a sofa set, tv, fridge, writing desk and shelves from my house to my apartment. It seems like I'll be staying here far longer that I had expected.
Initially I was reluctant to fully furnish my apartment. What's the point if I'm going to stay in Banting for 6 months anyway? I spoke to someone yesterday. She had a point when she told me..You won't be fully commited to your job if you tell yourself that u will only be at a place temporarily. Everyday you go to work, just do the bare minimal, and punch out. I don't want to be kind of person.
Hence, I'm just going to go with the flow. To fully furnish my place, enjoy my life here while I'll still can and strive to be the best.