Thursday, May 29, 2008


I am still struggling to widen my vocabulary. Nope, not for the Malay language, not for English, but for Kelantanese. Heh.
I was in the ward yesterday when my nurse was explaining to me about the new patient that just admitted. The child came in with high grade fever and the nurse managed to get some extra information about the patient. Apparently the child might be having 'fits' at home. She was explaining to me..
Nurse: Saya rasa patient tu ade fit la kat rumah. Mak dia kata anak dia selalu macam ade jerking sebelum atau masa tido.
Me: Maybe budak tu terkejut kot? mengigau ke?
Nurse: Owwhh...mungkin jugak ye, doktor. kalau org kelantan ckp KABO la.
Me: Huh? KABO tu ape?
Nurse: Allaaa..mcm terkejut masa tido la.
Haih...Despite being half Kelantanese, I have so much to i wish there's a Kelantanese dictionary. Won't that be great? Hey, that's a great idea actually, come to think of it.
For the record, I can understand the languange but can't speak fluently..Without practice, how could one master the language, right?
Well, as for the patient, she didn't have any episode of fits or KABO in the ward up to today...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Nurse's Day

It was Nurse's Day recently- on 6th of May. I didn't do anything special for them, as I only realise it till they reminded me about it on the day itself. Sorry!

Anyway, one of the midwives from the labour room received a hamper-probably worthed RM100 bought from Econsave. It was from a patient, who she helped to deliver her baby 2 years ago. This was the card that she received which came together with the hamper.

Thought the card was interesting as the bearer of the gift wanted to be anonymous, and yet she spelt PASSION instead of PATIENT. But still, even though her language was not very good, she had a very good intention and at least she remembered when Nurses's Day was!

Marie Digby Live in Malaysia

I took leave last week i.e. Thursday and Friday, plus i was not on-call that weekend and on Wesak Day, so I had a long stretch of 5 days to rest. Nice.

The Wednesday before the day I was on leave, Marie Digby was scheduled to performed at One Utama. Perfect. After I finished work that day, I freshened up and drove down to One Utama with my sister.

Marie Digby was just....gorgeous. I was admiring her looks most of time the rather than listening to her music. Heh. She looked so pure and innocent. It seemed like she was unaware that her audience were captivated by her beauty, while she was strumming that guitar of hers..

The place was packed with people. I wonder why it was held at One Utama in the first sister and I were on the ground floor, probably about 15 meters from stage. In front of us were rows and rows of tall and lanky guys, blocking our view. So you can just imagine how I- a 5 footer, struggled to get a glimpse of Marie. I had to tip toe most of the time, or watch her through someone else's camera. I was desperate ok!

Marie's voice was great. It was just that she didn't know how to work the crowd. She kept looking in front or at her guitar-forgetting her fans who were on her left and right side, anxiously waiting for her to at least smile and wave at them. In between her songs, she was just..mumbling. I guess she was explaining what inspired her to write the songs, but she should have spoken clearly and with more confidence.

Owh ya, actually before Marie came out on the stage, the organisers were throwing rolled up posters to the audience. When it came to the last one, the poster was thrown towards us and Walla! my sister caught it! Good netball skills, sis! Even though the poster would have cost less than a ringgit, the satisfaction from winning from a show like that was great!

Love you, Marie!

This was the best view that I could get of her.

Friday, May 23, 2008

3rd entry for the month

It has been ages since I last updated my blog.

At this point, I've a mixture of emotions..but most of the time feeling..blessed.


Thought block. Probably coz it's pass my bedtime.

Will update soon.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Lesson in Life

Being post-call, I slept for a good 6 hours after coming back from work today. And that is why I'm still awake at this hour.
After waking up from sleep, I decided to buy dinner and drop by at the hospital to check on a few patients of mine. One of them is an Orang Asli lady, pregnant for the 6th time, was in labour since yesterday and still undelivered up to now.
I walked into the antenatal ward and spotted her resting on her chair. Beside her was this plastic laundry basket with full of crumpled clothes. I approached her and asked how she's managing her contraction pain. You see, indiginous people like herself have very high pain threshold and that was why she seemed to be so comfortable despite having contractions every 5 minutes.
Well, that's besides the point.
Anyway, as I was saying, I asked her what the basket is for, as I was surprised to see a pregnant lady, in labour, doing laundry at 10 pm at night. She then casually answered that the clothes in her basket were all hers, which she will wear during her stay at this hospital.
My heart was touched. I felt blessed for being able to afford such a comfortable life. People like her can't even afford a simple bag to keep all her clothes in and here we are grumbling about how little we earn every month.
We tend to compare ourselves to other people who are living lavishly, and yet we fail to realise that there are a whole lot of other people out there who can't even afford to buy necessities such as food and clothing.
Wake up and look around you. There much more to life that we realise.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Labour Day

How does it feel like to be working on labour day?
Today morning I was praying hard that I'll have a quite day at work. People are not supposed to work today, and I'm supposed to be resting at home!
I was grumbling to my boss yesterday that I had to work on Labour Day. And so he asked me,'Are you a labourer?' Hmmm. Interesting. I don't know much about our Labour Law, but apparently it states that we're supposed to get triple pay if we work on Labour Day. It is true? I'm not sure.
Anyway, Hari Pekerja is becoming Hari Bekerja for me today. Patients coming to my ward non-stop. Funny me saying that coz I still have the time to prepare this entry! It was actually a busy day for me upto now..
Another 9 and a half hours to go till the other 'labourers' come...Hope I'll have a good sleep tonight.