Saturday, March 30, 2013

Neonatal Sepsis

At day 18 post partum, my baby is currently being admitted for fever.

Am I worried? Very!

Irritability + high grade fever is not a good combination. I burst into tears when his recorded temp was 39.3 degrees in ED yesterday..

Currently his temperature is hovering around 38 degrees and will only settle after Paracetamol is served. He is no longer as fretful as before and I have found the source of fever which is me!

My temp was 38.8 degrees yesterday and currently I am not allowed to directly breastfeed my baby until my fever has settled..I am still not well as I am typing this.

My dear baby, please get well soon..

Monday, March 25, 2013


Aaah..finally my confinement period feels 'complete'.

Being pregnant for the third time is definitely different. More muscle aches and pain and feeling tired most of the time. It's probably the age factor too. Even the post-op recovery is worse compared to before. I remember back in the year 2010 after I had Aniq, people actually had to remind me to walk slowly, fearing that my Caesarean section wound would open up or something. This time around, I had no choice but to walk slowly due to the pain. After about a week post op, I could walk better and able to take care of my baby fully.

In view of my mode of delivery, I need to wait 2 weeks before I could get a full body massage and bertungku. Today I had a 2 hour and 15 minutes session, and I do hope that after a few sessions, I will feel more rejuvinated, and that my backache especially, will go away.

So far after the first session, I am satisfied with the service given by the massage therapist from Mom's Postnatal Care. She was punctual and polite. She even wore a nametag and a uniform. After the session, Aniq asked me who she was, and he thought she was a doctor! (she was wearing a nurse's uniform) I think I fell asleep during the session too!

Just fed my baby and he is now asleep. It's my turn now..

Saturday, March 02, 2013

At kpj

The worst part about going for antenatal check up is the waiting.. Every week or 2 weeks,on average we have to wait for 2 hours. Bosan!

Am 39 weeks today, and still no symptoms of labour yet.. Yesterday was my last day of work, and will be off for the next 3 months..

Weight today is 71.4 kg..I have gained 23 kgs so far and have never been this heavy..

Just need to tahan n be patient..and pray that my delivery would b a smooth one..

How to take a photo with 2 toddlers

Just impossible!