Friday, February 08, 2013

Updates on Aniq

Aniq will turn 3 years old next month and I am really proud of what he has achieved so far. Well, any mum would feel that her kid is the smartest kid in the world, right?

I just enrolled him in a kindergarten-he now goes to Al-Ikhlas Pre-Tahfiz Preschool in Section 13, Shah Alam. Even after one month, I have seen tremendous improvement in him, especially in how behaves at home-ie able to play on his own, and playing less iPad/iPhone/MacBook.

The only this that disturbs me sometimes is that whenever he does something impressive, people will say 'belajar kat sekolah la tu.' It may be somewhat true, but I guess it is a common comment that people make and people do forget that it is the parents that stimulate, encourage and emphasise on certain good traits and skills that a child have..

Even before he started school, Aniq has learnt a lot of skills:
1. He could recite and recognise A-Z as well as 1-20 accurately
2. He could recite Alif Ba Ta-but still would skip some in between

3. He can spell his name, even after he just turned 2.
4. Recite prayers before he sleeps
5. Enjoys playing with jigsaw puzzles
6. Draw circles

7. Use my MacBook and watch the Mr Bean Cartoon without any assistance.
(turn it on, click on safari, click on the youtube tab and go to recently accessed videos + charge my laptop when necessary)
8. Enjoy stacking up blocks-up to 9 pieces

8. Fully toilet trained

Other updates about Aniq:
1. Still picky with his food: Only eats rice and serunding
2. Only drinks 2-3 bottles of milk/day
3. Demands for his independance: i.e want to do everything himself like getting his towel, switch off the light and fan, putting the toothpaste on his toothbrush, to pour and feed medications/vitamins himself

He can now complete a jigsaw puzzle with 27 pieces on his own

Happy to go to school-After one week of crying in school

Aniq in class-during his 1st week

Enjoys to scribble in his notebook ever since he started school

Can interact better with Adib-although they still quarrel on and off

One big question that plays in my mind is that-how am I going to manage and split my time to give enough attention to all my 3 sons? Only Allah knows..

My 2 sons

My 3rd Pregnancy

It feels weird to finally have some 'me time' once in a while. I am on MC today, Aniq is at his grandmother's and Adib is fast asleep.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant, and I do feel bad for not documenting anything on it in this blog. I suppose it's the 3rd pregnancy syndrome. I guess I'll just summarise my experience in this post..

1st trimester:
I have to say that this is wasn't a planned a pregnancy. (Even my second one wasn't either). I was just getting in the mood in doing my work at the hospital, and getting the hang of taking care of 2 kids. Being pregnant + exclusively BF + preparing for my exam was definitely too much for me  to handle. On top of that, my maid went back to Padang during that time-for 2 months, and we had to pack and shift to my dad' house. My pregnancy symptoms were also at its worst: daily vomiting, nausea, fatigue..and I had to breastfeed Adib at night. My milk supply quickly decreased and I had no time to EBM at work, coz I had to lie down and rest whenever I had the free time during office hours. It was very depressing and my stock of EBM quickly depleted to make up for my inadequate milk supply. It was just difficult to express how sad and guilty I felt at that time.

2nd trimester:
I think my early pregnancy symptoms improved at about 16 weeks. I was still feeling nauseous and tired most of the time after that but it was getting lesser as the day goes. We travelled to Padang to pick up my maid, and things became better after that. We settled down in our new home, and I even managed to do some studying during my free time-although it was only about 1/2 to one hour each time. The worse part about this trimester was that I suffered from chronic sinusitis, which caused me to have headaches and easily feeling tired. Went to see the ENT specialist, and the experience of having a scope shoved down your nose without any local anaesthesia was just horrible! Because of the sinusitis, I suffered from post nasal drip, occasional vomiting, and facial fullness even up to now..

3rd trimester:
I started feeling more tired and my weight was increasing rapidly, ie about 1 kg in a week! I had to get my glucose checked, and luckily it came back as normal. Now, I have heartburn every now and then, but still able to eat well, although my appetite was not as much compared to my second pregnancy. I have backache, especially at night, and my sleep gets disturbed every night it view of that, and getting up to pass urine at least once-twice every night. 

I've got an appointment with my O+G tomorrow, and hopefully everything will turn out fine. I have to say that by far this is my biggest baby-his estimated weight was 2.5kg at 34 weeks---even Aniq was only 1.8kg when I delivered him at 33 weeks..

I pray everyday that I will deliver my baby safely and he will turn out to be well..Insya-Allah..