Sunday, January 27, 2008

Question of the day

Have you ever felt like quiting your job and just stay at home for the rest of your life instead?

I have been posing this question to myself lately, especially for past 6 months.

Funny when I had no regrets as a houseman, and yet there were many times when I ask myself why in the world I chose medicine as my career-as I embark into another phase of life-which is working as a medical officer.

I have had many experiences, the horrible ones which has formed scars in my heart. After the sometime, it will reach a point where I will just breakdown as cry as it is so unbearable.

It is just so sad when you have wake up every morning, dreading to go to work. And as the day go by, you just can't wait for the clock to strike 5pm, so that you can pick up your bag and go home. How long will life remain this way?

What keeps me going everyday? The few things that make me smile is when a patiet remembers me even if our encounter was a year back and when a sincere thank you is given when the patient's pain and suffering has been relieved by the word of advice given. How often do we doctors get that? Very rarely.

I asked the question that I have posted at the initial part of this entry to my other half yesterday. What he said was that it is a waste of expertise if I quit now. I have to at least obtain my area of specialisation and start off my own business. If I don't feel like working, at least I could get someone else to work for me. Another thing that he said was that no matter what we work as, we can never run away from problems. We just have to learn to deal with it. I guess there is some truth in his advice.

I have no idea how long I could go on feeling like this. I pray everyday and I am able to perform well in my work,to do more good than harm and always make the right decisions. Do pray for me too.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Marie Digby-My latest obsession

Marie Digby performing at Star 98.7 Lounge 4 Life concert - The Wiltern, Los Angeles

People who have known me long enough would know that I was never a fan of any singers in particular. I'm flexible enough to listen to any type of music, regardless of its genre or singer.
Marie Digby is somewhat different. I first came across her music while I was driving back from work one day. Heard her version of 'Umbrella' and thought it was amazing. Furthermore, my cousins and I performed the song for the 'Ketani Nite' and that was when I started doing some research about her.
Turns out that she is a 24 year old, Irish-Japanese-American, who was made famous after posting her music videos on YouTube. She sang the cover of many songs, in which most of them sounded better that the original song. Apart from that, she composed many songs of her own, which is just as good, or even better that the songs we hear over the radio.
I find her being such a great musician. Not only because she plays by ear, but the way she strums the guitar and hit the notes on the piano really makes you wish that you want be just as talented as her.
Check out her music videos on YouTube:
1. Umbrella- The song that made her famous
2. Stupid for you- I just love the song and the setting of the video. Check out her cute laugh too!
3. You give me something- Another favourite of mine
4. Spell- This song was featured in SmallVille.
Sometimes I wonder, what is the X-Factor that she has which makes people go crazy over her? Apart from her gorgeous looks, I think it's the innocence that is potrayed in all her music videos. A personality which is non-existent in our entertainers nowadays.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sweeney Todd

I'm not a fan of horror movies but I watched this one today for Johnny Depp.
I've got three words to describe this movie: Gory! Gory! Gory!
Unless if you're a fan of throat slitting, blood gushing and carnibalism, you will not enjoy sitting through this movie. I was covering my eyes most of the time coz it was too painful to watch.

And the ending..oh my, not something that i would to remember before I sleep tonight.
Think twice before watching this movie, trust me.

The Game Plan

I have been looking forward in watching The Game Plan since I saw the trailer a couple of months back. Disney movies have always been well received; the movies will have a happy ending with good moral values slid in between.
I was surprised with The Rock, i.e. Dwayne Johnson's performance. He was rather stiff in his previous movies: The Scorpion King and Walking Tall, and never showed much emotion. In this particular movie, he acted as a leader, team player and father really well. I did not expect him to pull off the dad role as brilliant as what he did.
Another thing that shocked me was his talent to sing. You just have to check out his voice. sent shivers down my spine.
As for Madison Pettis, the girl that played as Peyton Kelly, i.e. his daugher, I found her annoying initially. She was obviously more matured for her age and yet she was carrying a doll wherever she went. Towards the middle of the show, I saw the potential in her in acting. She was perfect for the part.
I'm giving 4 stars for this awesome movie~~

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MRCPCH-Part 1b-Jan 2008- My verdict

To those few people who visit my blog may be wondering how my exam went. Sigh, sad story.
The exam started at 6pm. I reached UM at 4pm, sat in my car doing some last minute reading while waiting for the clock to strike 5.30pm. This time around I felt calmer compared to the first time I sat for the exam.
Last minute reading has never been much help but subconsciously it'll make me feel more 'prepared.' I was reading while replying to Idza's smses, asking me regarding the management of paediatric cases. Turns out she is the only MO at her KK.
Regarding the expected it was very clinical based. Most of the answers provided sounded correct, but of course they wanted 'The MOST APPROPRIATE management', the INITIAL management, and the BEST investigation that could reach the diagnosis. They will provide the clinical scenario, assume that you could figure out the diagnosis, and then will ask you how to proceed from there.
I did feel that the questions were more acceptable compared to the September paper. The questions made sense, but it did require lots of clinical experience to answer them.
Was Pastest useful? I would say that it was better compared to onexamination. The common questions that was asked in the sample questions given did come out in the actual exam.
I went home last night feeling...relieved. My exam was finally over and I could do whatever I want to do without feeling guilty. I haven't watched a movie in a long time....What was the last movie that I watched? Golden Compass i think. Wow, that was quite some time back.
I'm curious as well as dreading for my results which is scheduled to be released in 5 weeks time. Lets just hope for the best.

Another wedding

Just before the cake cutting ceremony
I went to Tino's wedding reception..AGAIN! Yup, this time it was held at the Concorde Hotel Shah Alam.

The food was much better that I had expected. The last time I attended a wedding at Concorde was Yem's and the food was a disappointment. I was surprised that I managed to gobble up the mountain of rice that they served for me.

The wedding was lovely. Good lighting, good decoration with fresh flowers, and the slideshow was short and sweet. The girls were giggling to themselves at one point , turns out they were guessing that I'd be the one going 'on the pelamin' next. Heh, if only they knew how complicated my relationship is.
With Mai Yin, Fiza and Shalyz
The two girls wore matching outfits coz they were the penyambut tetamu for the night.
Shalyz wearing the keronsang that I gave her for her birthday.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just a lil bit more..

I can't believe it. Another 2 days to my big exam. At this point I can only do MCQ questions-output learning, and no longer opening my big textbooks.
Thanks to, answering MCQ is just about clicking and clicking..You don't actuallly feel like you are revising your work but subconsciously you are.
I was thinking to myself yesterday after hours of studying and I came out with this....

Something that I have placed on my notice board in my bedroom

By reading it multiple times a day, hopefully it'll give me the strength to study and strive for the next few days and the subsequent years..

My goals may not make any sense or even absurd to some, but miracles do happen. You just have to believe in yourself.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

I did it!

I will mark this day on my calender..why? coz my Brain Age is finally 20!

Some may not know what I'm talking about. Well, it all started when my mum bought a Nintendo DS a couple of months back. She read about it in the papers, and they claimed that the game will somehow improve your brain function by doing the various training programs that it offers..After about a month, my sister decided to buy one for herself, and that was when I hooked to the game..
My sister's Nintendo DS lite. I just love the colour!

It has various 'games' such as Calculations x 20, reading aloud, low to high, syllable count, head count and time lapse. By spending a few minutes on each 'game', our prefrontal cortex will be stimulated and thus will make our brain function better. At at any point in time, we could go to another section of the program to calculate our 'brain age.'

I was religiously doing the training program on a daily basis till I was transferred to Banting. Thanks to my friend Yang, he managed to find an almost similar game for me called Brain Game, which was in a PDA format. Hence, I could still 'exercise' my brain despite leaving the Nintendo behind.

After weeks of training, I decided to calculate my brain age. And finally, I got a 20! The youngest brain age that we possibly achieve! And it's younger that my actual age..

Proof of my success!

P/S: My sis is not bothered by my achievement coz her brain age is 20 since she first got the game. If you're reading this, let me tell you something. I 'll beat all your high scores one day! You'll see! :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tino's Wedding

I just came back from Tino's wedding at Sect 9, Shah Alam. Tino is a good friend of mine, knew each other from high school.

I was shocked to see so many of our ex schoolmates at the event. I guess she knew many cliques back then in school, so her circle of friends is rather big. I met people that I haven't met since the last day of school..Even some of our beloved teachers were there..

It felt good to catch up with long lost friends, but at the same time made me feel somewhat...aged. One of our friends even has a three year old son! Owh well, I don't have to worry about that now..

Check out the hantaran, from him to her- I absolutely love each trays that they did. Classy and elegant.

CONGRATULATIONS to the wedding couple..Let today, the first day of the Islamic calender, mark the beginning of a beautiful journey for both of you..

Our gang-'Titanic'. Heh

Love the colour combination, the tray and the gifts! I want that handbag!

My favourite-Where the ring is displayed