Sunday, September 26, 2010


The decision to start my baby on weaning diet was one of the most difficult task that I had to do. It may sound simple to some, but I just dreaded the thought of him having anything else but my own milk.

Yes, I am aware of the WHO recommendation of starting a baby on solids at the age of 6 months. But actually, the accepted age for weaning is from 4 months onwards, and it is acceptable in the developed countries.

It started off like this. It was during the fasting month when my baby's demand was more than my supply. I had to rush back from work almost everyday to feed him, coz the amount of milk that I expressed the day before was just nice to last the hours that I had to leave him at home. The worst day was when I was still busy at work and my mum called saying that there was no milk left at all! Luckily he slept for a few hours after that, in time for me to go home quickly to feed him. That was when I decided I had no option but to start him on solids.

I was indeed worried initially. Him being an ex premature baby, I initially thought of following his corrected age before starting him on solids, which by right, should be at the end of October. I was worried that his bowels won't be mature enough to accept solids. Plus, his developmental milestones was according to a 4 month old baby.

I did some research online and indeed my baby was already showing signs to start weaning.

Taken from

Signs that your baby is ready for weaning:
  • Holding his or her head up and controlling head movements.

  • Sitting well when supported.
  • Making chewing motions

  • Doubling his or her birth weight.

  • Being unsatisfied after a full milk feed
  • Demanding increasing and more frequent milk feeds

  • Attempting to put things in his or her mouth
  • After a period of sleeping through the night waking in the night with hunger

  • Displaying curiosity about what you are eating.

After that, I was at ease. I even asked some experts-the consultant paediatricians at work and they all agreed that it was time for baby to start on weaning diet.

It was on the 30th of August that my baby had his first taste of food. It was rather sponteneous actually. My husband and I were at the dining table having our dinner, and our baby was on my husband's lap looking hungry and trying to grab my husband's food from the plate.

I then wore him his bib, mashed a small piece of banana and fed him. He absolutely loved it! There was hardly any spill on his bib and his just took all the food in! I d to snap a picture of him with all the mess around his mouth, but he was such a good eater and I just didn't have that chance.'Mmmm..what is this funny taste...'
(Thank you, collegues for the bib!)

All Gone!
(Thank you, Aida for the feeding set!)

After that, we began to experimenting him with different types food and his demand for milk is slightly less now. He now sleeps longer than usual too, and I don't really have to rush home from work anymore.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Happy Birthday, Japa!

You've been a wonderful brother and uncle!

Best wishes from the three of us.

Goodbye Ramadhan, Hello Aidilfitri

Yay! Am now at home on a weekday!

You see, I haven't taken any leave since my confinement period, and I have been looking forward to spend my Raya leave with my loved ones..From what I heard, many people are taking leave till Malaysia Day. Well, even though I am getting 5 days off, I will not put it to waste!

This year will be our first Raya with Aniq, and we'll be spending our day in Shah Alam. Kampung Shah Alam.

I didn't make much preparation this year. Will be wearing my old kebaya, which was purchased many years ago, but somehow never worn before. Azim will be wearing his baju Melayu that I bought for him for Farah's wedding, and Aniq will be the only one wearing something new. A baju melayu sewn by my mum. Our theme this year will be, Pink!

Happy Hari Raya everybody, and Maaf Zahir & Batin.

Thursday, September 02, 2010


I went on my weighing scale today, and I'm officially.....



48 kg!

Only one more kilo left to my pre-pregnancy weight.

Am so happy coz I am now able to wear back my old clothers..

Fiuh..such a relief. For the past few months, I've been worried sick that I won't go back to my pre pregnancy figure. Guess, breastfeeding works after all!

Now, shopping for clothes won't be as depressing as before...