Saturday, July 31, 2010

Developmental milestones

Aniq is now 4 and a half months old, and his corrected age would be 3 months old. How fast time flies..

I enjoy watching him grow and develop new skills day by day..

Gross motor:
He can turn to his side on his own, his left side to be exact. When he is in his cot, he will stare attentively at the toys beside him and try his best to turn towards it. He still can't hold his head up, though.

Fine motor:

He now enjoys fiddling with his fingers and keep both his hands to his chest. He also explores his fingers by putting them to his mouth.

He prefers to interact with guys: like his dad and uncles. He gets excited when he sees someone he is familiar with by moving about his hands and legs. I still feel that he can't recognize me and he's always so calm whenever I am about to go to work.

Cooing: his favourite syllable is 'Oooh'. He can even call our maid--'Aaann'

He is able to turn towards a voice and startle at loud noises. But when he is asleep, no matter how noisy his surrounding is, we don't have to worry that it'll wake him up.

He can stare at various objects around the room. His favourite would be the ceiling fan and his mobile. Whenever I want to do something like taking a shower or pray, and I have to leave him for a while, all that I need to do is to turn on the mobile and he can just be so excited looking and giggling at the mobile -sometimes for up to half an hour! He also likes to watch the television.

- He now poops every 2-3 days
- He's using medium sized diapers--When he was born, he couldn't even fit into the smallest sized diaper that we could find in the market!
- He still wakes up in the middle of the night for feeds
- He drinks 4-5oz of milk every 3 hours.
- He enjoys being his baby carrier.
-He can no longer fit into his newborn clothes
-His favourite activity is bathing-with warm or even cold water

Need to treasure and cherish all these moments..

Thursday, July 01, 2010


I had just started on work on 15th June 2010, and one thing that I can tell you is that I feel exhausted every single day..everyday, my aim is to pump as much milk as possible when I am at work, and for the time being, my milk supply has been successfully maintained. I do hope I am able to exclusively breastfeed my baby till he is at least 6 months old (corrected age)-which will be in October 2010.

I was on call yesterday, and this is a summary of my breastpumping schedule:

8 am-4pm: was busy in NICU and had to transfer a case to IJN. Hence, had no time to pump milk during this time.
4pm: Expressed 12 oz of milk
7pm: Night rounds and busy with new admissions
9pm: Expressed 5 oz of milk
12 midnight: had to attend to an emergency case in the ward.
3am: Expressed 6 oz of milk
7am: Expressed 6 oz of milk (was late for the radiology conference because of this)
3pm: Expressed 6 oz of milk

Total: 35 oz milk

Even though I did not have the chance to pump so frequently last night, I was lucky as the amount of milk that I have expressed was slightly more that what my baby had taken when I was at work, i.e. 32oz.

I do want the best for my baby, and I really hope that my milk supply will be maintained for at least till the end of the year...