Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Counting the days..

36 weeks + 1 day today..

1. Having trouble sleeping at night: need to constantly change sleeping position, and wake up at least twice each night to pee. Fingers will be stiff and I wont be able to make into a fist when I wake up in the middle of the night.

2. Have bought all the baby stuff that I need-unlike my first pregnancy when the delivery was so unexpected and I didn't even manage to pack my delivery bag prior to delivery.

3. Still having guilty thoughts: whether I will still have enough time to spend with Aniq when the baby is around...

4. Breastpump is still at the service centre. Should be ready by tomorrow or day after.

5. Physiotherapy appt will be tomorrow

6. Hidung merah + kembang as always

7. Doing the fetal kick chart on my iphone.

8. Reciting the Quran and listening to Quran verses of Surah Maryam, Luqman and Yusof in the car while driving.

9. Praying often that I will have a safe and uneventful delivery..

My mum in law reminded me last night -'Bila dah dekat hujung-hujung ni kena byk bersabar..'

Yes, as I am experiencing most of my pregnancy symptoms for the first time, I do need a lot of patience till my day of delivery. After that, will be a whole different experience altogether..

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Dear blog,

Sorry for the long hiatus.

They are just so many things to blog about, but just to warm things up, I shall summarize the recents events that have happened in my life.

In short, here are some updates about me:

1. I am now 35 weeks pregnant. (Wow, that was how long I left this blog)

2. Am officially out from the on-call roster. (Fiuuh..finally!)

3. Current pregnancy symptoms that I'm suffering from now:
- carpal tunnel syndrome: numbness of both of my hands, worse at night, which disturbs my sleep...Am now doing physiotherapy for this
- leg cramps: although it is less now
- backache
- breathless when walking from the carpark to the clinic, where I am in charge at currently

And of course, I have to update about my precious son, the soon-to-be big brother...

1. He is becoming more attached to my husband and I, as though he knows that the baby is coming soon..
2. He enjoys playing in his cot -unlike before
3. Getting smarter and smarter by the day
4. Able to walk up the stairs, with one hand on the wall to support himself
5. Obsessed with balls-soccer ball, beach ball, etc: enjoys kicking it, throwing it, and shout 'Goaaaall!'
6. Favourite activity: bathing in his bathtub, playing with the iPad: specifically, going through the flashcards, apps which involve colouring, and of course surfing Youtube
7. Favourite YouTube videos: Videos of his own self, upin dan ipin, abc phonics song 2
8. Gets excited when he goes to Tesco and starts to run around, and identifying objects there
9. Increasing vocabulary: our last count was 80 words
10. Wants everything to be in order:
- will say 'Tutup' after he finishes his milk: asking us to put back the cover, and when we are driving out from the house: asking us to close the gate
- will keep his toys back to its original place after he's done with them
- will switch off the tv and fan when he is out from the living room
11. Enjoys seeing baby photos

Here are some pictures to share...

At Hero with his favourite cousins..

Family photo on Raya Haji..

Am greeted with this everytime I come back from work..

Aniq with Mama..

Had to give him to play with my stets that day: desperate measures, ran out of toys/books in the car..

That's all for now..