Monday, June 23, 2008

Taugeh- to eat or not to eat?

I was having lunch at Hartini on Saturday when suddenly the topic of 'taugeh' came up.

My other half: U tau taugeh ni sebenarnye takde khasiat pon?

Me: Ye ke? Habis tu baik takyah makan camtu.

My other half: Betul..kalau tak caya gi la tanya pakar diet kat hospital u. Cuba tanya dia skarang.

Me: U ingat semua phone number staff hospital banting dlm phone I ke?

My other half: *laughs*

Me: Oklah. Hari Isnin I tanya dia.

I was rather free today, hence I surfed the net for nutritional benefits of taugeh or also known bean sprouts.

What I found out-- Benefits of taugeh:

1. no cholesterol
2. low in calories
3. contain vitamins A, B, C, E- antioxidants
4. contain enzymes which aid in digestion
5. high amount of fiber
6. contain minerals (iron, potassium)

And so..looks like I won this battle. Sorry dear, looks like u have to try harder next time.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Get Smart

Saw this movie at GSC The Gardens, Mid Valley last night. RM 20 for a seat? Was it worth it? The seat was really comfortable, no doubt about that. Extra space, reclining seat, and able to lift up the arm rest..a lil bit too comfortable I would say..ALMOST felt like I was sitting on my couch back home.

The movie was great! I never watched the old tv series, so I can't compare Steve Carrell with the the dude who was in original Get Smart, i.e. Don Adams. Watch this movie if you feel like having a good laugh.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weekly Couch Potato

Mum stayed at my apartment for the night and it's nice to have someone around once in a while, especially on a Tuesday night..

What is so special about Tuesday nights? This..

2030-2130H: C.S.I.
2130-2230H: Pushing Daisies
2230-2330H: Desperate Housewives
12MDN-0100H: Charm School

It's the time when I'll slump on my couch and eyes glued to the TV. What sort of life am I having here..Heh. Pecah rahsia.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Words of wisdom

I have been in a mess this past one week. Not because of the recent petrol price hike, or the rise in the global food price, but more on a personal level.
I feel suffocated.
I have been fasting since Tuesday- Yes, to puasa ganti, and at the same time, wishing that it'll help to clear up my mind a bit. To help me reflect the decisions that I've made in the past, and hoping that I'll make the right major, life decisions in the future.
I was in the labour room today, and had a chat with the most senior midwife there. She's a person that I highly respect and I take her judgement in managing patients seriously.
As we were talking, I asked her a random question, " What is your opinion when a doctor doesn't marry another doctor?" She gave a long pause before answering the question. And so she said..
"It's difficult to judge someone based on his/her profession. you will only discover more about the person once you're married to him/her."
And then she added..
"Lets say if you recently graduated from medical school and started working. You are not seeing anybody. Then you will tend to look for people in the same profession as you or in the same field as you. Same goes to your parents. They would want you to go out with someone who has the same career as you. If you have been going out with the person while u were still a student, then it's a different matter."
"You have been together with the person through thick and thin. You are very comfortable with the person and you share everything with him. The problems that you faced, the challenges that you go through and even very personal issues that you do not share with others. Then when you graduate, you don't really care where the other person graduated from or work as, because you have been happily together all this while."
"The bond that you both have will never be understood by others, and can only be appreciated by the both of you. When other people look at the couple they will think to themselves, how could the both of them end up together?"
My eyes were tearing upon listening to her words. I didn't even tell her about the problems that I was facing and yet she gave me the answer that I was looking for.
Thanks S/N Choo.