Saturday, March 26, 2011

Aniq's first word

There are just so many new things that Aniq could do now, and I can't manage to get everything on video or even camera. Especially when now he is so into gadgets. As soon as I pull my camera out, he'll try to grab the camera off me.

He is starting to babble now, although his most frequent syllables are 'AAAahhh' and 'Eeeehhh'.

When I came back from my 4-day Perinatal Congress in Penang last week, there were just so many new things that he could do. He could even initiate Peek-A-Boo with me!

Anyway, I managed to get a recording of him saying his first word a few days ago.

Papa is not something significant for now coz he needs to learn to say 'Ayah'..Don't know how long I've to wait till he says Mama...


One of Aniq's daily routine is to go out for a stroll down the road, just before his dinner. The maids from the nearby household would meet up and I'm sure that is something that they look forward to everyday.

My maid is so proud of my son, coz it seems that everybody will comment on how cute Aniq is when she parades him down the road...

You see, our neighbour has a daughter called Fatin, who is about 4 months younger than Aniq, and she owns a stroller which is exactly the same as ours. Just that it's red in colour.

And yesterday, my maid showed me this...


Owh son's a big boy now..And this is what he has been doing behind my back!