Friday, July 31, 2009

A short Hi from me

I haven't posted an entry in ages.

Reason being:

1. I'm spending too much time with the computer during the day which makes me think twice before sitting in front of the computer again at home.
2. I would rather watch TV rather than surf the net nowadays.---such a change compared to before.
(yes, I know multitasking is possible, but I prefer to be as passive as possible when I'm at home.)

Some updates about me:
1.I just went for a haircut yesterday. More like a trim actually. Nobody even noticed today.

2.Husband is leaving to Sudan tomorrow, which means I'll be alone for a week..sigh.

3. I'm going to be in charge of the H1N1 ward starting from next week. It's gonna be high risk, but an interesting experience for me. :)
4. I'm back to baking!

**can't seem to upload pictures this entry..will do it the next time I go online.
As for now, I need to get a good rest before a super long day tomorrow.
The HOD will be doing ward rounds tomorrow. and I will be the only MO there in the ward. Yikes!