Saturday, April 16, 2011


I was driving to work on Thursday when I saw smoke coming from the other side of the lane. I initially thought it was some open burning going on at one of the nearby residential areas.

As I was approaching the spot, I then realized that it was a lorry burning into flames. The scary part was that, I witnessed and heard small explosions come from the crashed lorry. The fire truck was nowhere in sight and some police officer have already stopped the traffic which was coming from the KL. Some drivers were out from their cars, observing the fire, while some were busy taking photos/videos.

I sped right past the scene of the accident, hoping that the lorry won't explode further. Who knows that the lorry was carrying flammable agents? Even while driving at least 100km/hour I could still feel the heat coming from lorry on my right arm. While I was almost approaching the Sungai Buloh exit I then saw the fire truck zooming by.

I wonder what happened to the lorry driver. Hope he manage to escape in time.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stets from US

I've been doing online shopping for the past two years. It all started when I was looking for DHA supplements, ie Neurogain when I was pregnant back in 2009. Surprisingly it was not easily available at local pharmacies, and hence I had to order it online. Since then, I began to trust websites that offer online purchasing and delivering.

Subsequently, I began ordering clothes and mostly shawls. I enjoyed the thrill, suspense and surprise after receiving each parcel. It was like getting a gift from someone, only that I had to pay for it myself! So far I have been lucky with all my purchases..

You see, I have been hunting for a Raspberry Coloured Littmann Paediatric Stethoscope for the past few months. I have enquired from Kamal Bookstore, University Bookstore and various other medical bookstores that I know, but all of them did not have what I wanted. They only have stethoscopes in black and red. I even looked up the official Littmann website and called up the official distributor for Klang Valley. From what was told to me, the colour that I wanted is not available in Malaysia.

Hence, I started looking for an overseas company that had the exact stethoscope that I wanted, at a resonable price, which could ship it to Malaysia. I then found a website called IP Mart, which had what I wanted. I closed one eye (or maybe even both eyes!), made a few clicks here and there, and I was done. Yes, I was aware of the high shipping cost, but the desire that I had for that particular stethoscope was just too strong. The price of it is equivalent to 5 hours of locum in ED..More reasons for me to continue doing locum..

After 2 weeks, I finally got what I wanted and I was definitely satisfied with my purchase!

My most expensive online purchase so far, but definitely worth it! :)

Saturday, April 09, 2011

PD Trip

After weeks of waiting, we finally get to spend our free hotel stay voucher..just one week before it's expiry date. In view of our busy schedule, our holiday getaway had to be postponed numerous times. With the limited number of mutual free days that we had, the task was made more difficult as Corus Paradise Hotel seemed to be fully booked on most days. As we are only entitled to use the voucher on a weekday, we decided to head to PD on a Sunday..At least I get to save my leave..

We gave Aniq a bottle of milk just before we left and he slept the whole way...Good boy!

After putting our luggage in the room, we decided not to waste any time and headed straight to the nearby stalls to look for Durian. A must-stop everytime we visit PD.

We decided that it was time that Aniq had his first taste of Durian. He just took it in and did not even make a face. That's my boy!

We then headed back to the hotel and decided that the weather was just nice for us to spend some time by the beach. The great thing about Corus Paradise Hotel is that it has a private beach, and a small cove. At the time that we went, we were the only ones by the tak payah la nak kena control2 sangat..

First time touching sand....

Another thing that we had planned to do was to make sandcastles by the beach. I bought a sandcastle making set from Penang, and I was excited to try it. Aniq was too young to appreciate it, but he did have fun playing with the spade and banging the utensils together...

We wanted to sit in the shade, so my husband had to make more then ten trips to the beach side just to get wet sand for us to build sandcastles. Haha. parents pulak yang seronok.

As Aniq was still all excited, we decided to bring him for a swim in the pool. After washing off all the sand, we wore him his new pair of swimming outfit and Splash!

We didn't spend so long in the pool, coz he had a fever after his first swim a few months ago..Didn't want history to repeat itself..

We had early dinner that day, and after feeding Aniq with porridge and a bottle of milk he immediately slept..He must have been so exhausted..At least, Husband and I get to spend some time on our own at dinnertime..

At Barakah Seafood Restaurant. Fast service and excellent food.

The following day we spent most of the time in the room since we have done everything on the first day...

While having breakfast that morning...

Ocean view from our room

It was a truly wonderful holiday..A chance to spend quality time together and it was also fun taking care of our baby on our own without any help from the maid..:)

Thank u NST and Corus Paradise Hotel, for our partially sponsored holiday!