Monday, September 07, 2009

I'm on You Tube!

I was at the medical outpatient clinic the other day when one the ECHO guys approached me and asked,

'You ni kaki internet ke?'

I was stunned with that random question. Thought that he had found something humiliating about me online. I was also curious to know what it was. And so I asked,

'Not really...dulu ye la. Asal?'

Then he lead me to the ECHO room where his laptop was already online. And then he showed me the video. I was Shocked! Hahaha...I'm actually on You Tube.

Of course, the next question that I asked him was

'Camne bleh jumpe nih?'

'Senang je. Saya type nama doctor, pastu video tu keluar la'

The subsequent question that ran into my head was 'Yang awak pegi type name saya tu kenapa?'. But of course, I did not ask him that.

Anyway, this is the video. Check it out.

Click here.