Sunday, February 22, 2009

More updates

It does feel funny to post an entry on this blog after so long...

Someone called me the other day (you know who you are), asking me why I haven't updated my blog in ages. Reason being I have in a depressive mode since I switched my workplace, and if I do update my blog, it will be in a low tone..which I truly want to avoid. Another reason is that, since I face the computer every single time at work, the last thing I want to do when I am at home is to stare at the computer screen.

Nevertheless, I think I am beginning to adapt and accept my new working environment and I my mood has improved, not tremendously, but at least, significantly..

Enough about work.

Some updates about the wedding:


1. The dress is ready, which I absolutely love..Only the veil needs more beading work to do..

2. Wedding planner-booked

3. Caterer-booked

4. Invitation cards-printed but not sent out yet. It's just a simple card, but just nice for nikah..I need to decide who gets invited to the nikah. I asked dad how many friends I'm allowed to invite, and he said it's up to me..hai, nanti kalau ajak semua member susah pulak.

According to dad, ALL the relatives that he's inviting are coming. Even the ones from Kelantan and Thailand. I'm happy to know that many people are coming to join in the celebration of my special day..

5. Cameraman-booked and deposit paid.

6. Videographer-booked and Manggis is supposed to email me their quotation..which they have not done up to now..

7. Paperwork-All has been filled up, and PPN has signed the forms. Just need to send the completed forms to JAIS soon..hantar wakil pon boleh kan?

8. Bilik pengantin-built-in wardrobe is ongoing right at this moment..The decorations will be done by the wedding planner.

9. Wedding favours-the sample is ready, which is absolutely gorgeous..The rest of it should be ready by the end of the month..

10. Hantaran-I'm so lucky coz dad bought everything for me..The ring, gifts, etc are all ready. Just need to pass them to the wedding planner for him to decorate..

11. Make-up artist-booked



1. Dress-the dress is ready, just the beading which still needs to be done. I hope I'll be ready by the 14th..

2. Wedding planner-booked

3. Caterer-booked--we had the food tasting on Friday, which was delicious! I brought some to Azim's office yesterday and he loved it too! His friend tried some and said-'Rase macam makan kat hotel je!' Wahhh.bangga.:)

4. Invitation cards-We're getting the inlay printed and mom is going to do the outer part by hand. I told her not to trouble herself but she insisted..I'm sure I'll turn out to be lovely..

5. Cameraman-Booked-This was the first few things that we did.

6. Videographer-We're using the same videographer as the nikah, so I'm still waiting for the quotation..

7. Bilik pengantin-Mom has bought a new bedsheet-just a plain one but with floral motives on it..very nice. The wedding planner will do the rest.

8. Wedding favours-Still on the way..Mom is getting different sets of wedding favours for different categories of people---i.e. according to age group. She's buying more next week.


That's it for now. I won't disclose too much of detail coz it will spoil the element of surprise on that day!

Hope everything will run smoothly till the actual wedding day.

In the meantime, my role is to get enough sleep, and pamper myself before the big day!