Tuesday, February 22, 2005

kepalaku sakit!

just came back from sungai buloh with mum..she didn't buy that many flowers this time but lots of grass instead. i can't believe that one small square costs 2 bucks and she bought 20 of em!

i had a massive headache when we got back. probably bcoz of the heat and sun. don't think i'll join mum in her next trip to the place. took ponstan half an hour ago, and the headache is slowly going away..

my sis is absent from school today. she has been complaining of stomach ache for the past few days. in my honest opinion, she's just craving for attention. i realise that it's so difficult to be a parent. in this kind of situation, what's the best thing to do? give what the kid wants or give a negative feedback so that she won't repeat the same drama again?

speaking of raising a child, i went for a short course in SIRIM last weekend. 'ke arah keterampilan keibubapaan' or something that sounds like that. one of the speakers was dato dr fadzilah kamsah. overall, i learnt a lot from the course. i was probably the youngest girl who attended it but i don't care. it's better to learn now than when our kids are too old to be trained.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Sister = Driver?

damn. my bro just called n i need to pick him up from school. y must his school be in damansara!! aagghhh...i hate long distance driving...at least, i managed to convince him to buy me the McD ice cream on our way home..just want something to look fwd to..

Last day of Selectives

yey! today is my last day at GH Klang. I must say, it is one hectic hospital..doctors there look so stressed and the paediatric ward is so darn noisy! children crying everywhere..parents chit chatting..so glad that i don't have to go there anymore!