Sunday, September 21, 2008


Today, I...

1. Came to work not knowing what to expect.

2. Suffered from dysmenorrhea, till I had to take Ponstan to relieve the pain.

3. Dad, my brother and sister made a surprise visit to Banting. They brought along a dining table and a new shelf for my tv. Luckily I managed to spare some time today to show around my apartment to them.

4. Performed a vacuum delivery successfully.

5. Looking forward to 1pm go home and Zzzz...

Saturday, September 20, 2008


It's almost towards the end of Ramadhan and I haven't blogged about it yet..
In Banting, my usual routine would be going to work and later would drop by at the Bazaar Ramadhan in Kanchong to buy some food for buka puasa. As I walk along to choose what food to buy, one person will always bound to smile and point at me. Or, someone among the food vendors would say, 'Doktor, mari la beli'. That would be my cue to smile. It had to be one of my patients. Just to have play along ...:)
It's sad to break fast alone in my apartment everynight. After dinner, I would quickly take a shower and drive to the Banting Mosque near Jugra. Just figured out the way to get there without going through the main road. Only takes me about 3 minutes everytime..
Meanwhile when I'm on-call, it's very inpredictable when and where I would break fast. One night I had to transfer a patient to HTAR at 6.30pm, and later had to buy a drink from the Hospimart to break fast in the ambulance on the way back to Banting. One another night, a patient had a difficult vaginal delivery at 7pm, which cause a very bad vaginal tear, which the nurses refused to repair. Hence, I quickly had a snack before straining my eyes to repair the tear, which took me about an hour..Haih, what a night.
And now at home, my maid just went back to Indonesia on Thursday as her daughter got involved in an accident. This means, washing our own clothes and preparing our own sahur and dinner..
10 more days to Hari Raya and hardly any preparations yet..Will be working the day before raya, flying to K.B. the night before raya, and flying back to Shah Alam on Hari Raya day itself..
Happy Ramadhan, everybody!

Thursday, September 04, 2008


Selamat Berpuasa to all..

I haven't been around this past few days coz i was down in Singapore!

Took a flight down alone and stayed at a hotel on Orchard road. It was lonely initially got used to it the next day. Met up with a good of friend of mine, Sim, who did housemanship together with me at HTAR . Thanks for spending time with me, dear..

There was something that I saw, which I just can't it out from my head till now..

I was walking towards Ngee Ann City at about 9pm when I spotted this group of teens, with multiple body piercings here and there, wearing punk-like clothes, sitting on the floor by entrance of the shopping mall. I was silently saying to myself, 'Rosaknya budak2 Melayu di Singapore ni...' As I was walking back towards my hotel, that was about 9.30pm, the same group was still there. Worse still, they were laughing with each other with beer bottles on their hands. A lot of empty beer bottles strewn beside them as well. What a thing to see on Ramadhan.

Besides that horrible scene that I saw, I thoroughly enjoyed myself in Singapore. So did I shop much? Nah. Not really. Just bought the usual, like clothes, accessories, shoes and a bottle of perfume. As for tomorrow, am off to work..

Selamat Berbuka!