Friday, June 26, 2009

My Firsts

I was more excited than ever when my birthday was coming up, as it will be the first time I'm celebrating it as someone's wife.

I planned ahead and planted the idea to my husband's head --for us to have a vacation together on the eve of my birthday. I didn't really care about the location of our holiday, after all, the important thing is for us to spend some quality time together. And plus, now is bad time to travel abroad anyway, with the H1N1 spreading like wild fire at the moment.

And so, off we went to Port Dickson on 22.6.09. I'm sure many of you won't believe when I tell this, but it was the first time at I ever traveled out the state with him, and also the first time that we go off on a holiday together. Seriously. not even as a group. That was why the vacation trip meant so much to me.

We arrived at Legend Resort that afternoon and immediately after we checked in, after 5 minutes of looking around the room and the view, the husband insisted that we switched hotels. He was commenting about every single thing-from the flooring, the walls, the finishings, right up to the pilings outside the water chalet. Sigh. I guess this is what I get when I marry someone with ID interest.

And so we called up Avilion, and luckily they had a room to spare for the following day. It was a great move as Avilion was waay better than Legend. Husband was literally jumping on the bed when we arrived there.

What else did we do in PD?

Many other firsts: took a dip in the pool, ate durian by the roadside and played pool together.

All in all it was the best trip ever.

Owh ya, and that's not all.

On the way back, we dropped by at my mum's place and a huge bouquet of flowers greeted me there. What a lovely surprise from the husband and his staff!

We then headed home and had our first sleep on the new mattress--a gift from my mum. As how my husband said it --'It feels like heaven'.

That night, I had my birthday dinner at the Revolving Restaurant, KL tower. U see, my husband has been wanting to bring me there for years, and we finally had the chance to go there on my birthday. Also, another first for us. It had a nice ambiance, with the KL night view mesmerising us. And to top it all, the restaurant staff surprised me with a birthday cake!

It was the best birthday celebration ever. Hands down.

Thank you dear husband.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

*Jumping Up and Down*

I have been procrastinating to update this blog-despite being repeatedly pestered by friends and sisters..:)

I couldn't help myself to make this post as this great news deserves a shout out!


Despite having to make numerous adjustments: having new roles: being a wife and daughter-in-law, adapting to a new working environment and being in the super, crazy, busy Medical Department, I finally made it!

Thank you everyone for your prayers and support.

Hope I will achieve my ultimate goal-to be Paediatrician before I reach 30.

I truly feel blessed.