Monday, April 01, 2013

Day 4 of fever

Good news.

Adli's temperature is now settling. He was still spiking on and off the first two days. His temperature shot up again to 38.8 degrees at 4.30am yesterday, even after almost 2 whole days of antibiotics.

I went through his charts-looking at his temperature pattern and ensuring that his antibiotic dosage is correct and being served ( with the nurse's permission of course!) The funny thing at this hospital is that they don't chart their patient's temperature in graph form. Hence, I had to put in additional effort to imagine his fever pattern yesterday.

A third antibiotic was started after he was seen by the paediatrian that morning. Since then, his highest temperature is only 37.5, which I take it as an improvement.

What about my own status?

I have started myself on antibiotics, and I am now feeling better. This is good as I can now directly breastfeed my baby. It was such a horrible feeling when I could only watch him cry in his cot, but I was unable to feed or cuddle him.

I hope that we will both recover from this illness soon..

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Mrs Ahmad.. said...

Get well soon, to both mommy and son